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surrounding chevron does not have to do with the refinery fire in richmond with the epa looks into. trouble for the principle of a bay area elementary school what police arrested him. to take that personal component that uniform and redefine it away to embrace their experience in the military of veterans use old uniforms how you can see their work. chevron hit with tough new questions in a criminal investigation it is not about the august refinery fire at richmond it has to do with the air, don knapp with why the epa is involved chevron's latest challenge stems from a routine inspection by bay area air management inspectors that noticed a flair
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which is used to burn off pollutants it also noticed the monitoring system was not showing problems the enforcement officer says it appears the pipe cut pollutants around a detour around the monitors was set with down the pipeline into the flair and bypassed all the monitoring equipment and went into the flair wasn't an effort to hide emissions or oversight it did not go through the monitors a never registered we will never know the emissions level during this event which is serious. the monitors were ordered in place in 2005 at the same time chevron required to use video monitors when they found flaring was occurred and not registered they look back over a lot of video that chevron is required to take, and determined over a
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multi-year. the number of flaring incidents that occurred according to a story in the san francisco chronicle the epa conducts a criminal investigation the epa would not confirm or deny to cbs 5 the investigation it is not related to the august fire which spewed smoke over the east bay, chevron and response to cbs 5 said the flurry issues were resolved in a 2011 settlement but the air quality district included a payment chevron says approximately 200,000 lbs. released in 2010 as opposed to the half a million pounds released by other refineries. it indirectly help reveal the u.s. epa's criminal investigation the chronicle use the state's public records act
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to get information and learn about the federal probe. an elementary school principal and south bay suspended after investigators say they found a math at his home, police arrested airglows the principal at montague elementary school an undercover agent at met him on a gay dating side and arrange to meet him at the train station the principle of for the aging drugs. police searched his home and found math scales and the date rape drug. santa clara unified school district confirms lewis has been placed on leave new details about the search for an attempted child kidnapper police in san mateo arrested a suspect a 25 year-old man from san francisco in custody now faces three different charges including assault to commit a sex crime on a minor police said
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the crimes happen that three different schools. authorities have identified and s f o worker after crushing a service truck into a parked aircraft. the driver was pronounced dead which happened yesterday morning the cause of the crash remains under investigation. into oakland raider fans sat by high voltage power lines during their tailgate party police were called to the oakland coliseum at 9:00 a.m. it looked like the fans were trying to raise a fly ball but did not realize the power line was about that. a third party came into contact with the overhead power lines at oakland coliseum the individuals in the process of hosting a poll they came into contact with the lawn, the transmission line runs directly into the stadium both fan suffered its medical burns
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and rushed to hospital authorities believe alcohol may have been a factor. copper if that's cause a problem for one east bay high school football program wiring stolen from where hayward highs will place its can police said the crime happened tuesday night to wednesday morning, for tonight's game was rescheduled because wiring that powers the lights and scoreboard was taken. the concession stand also took a hit. a blow to the school because the snack bar generates funds to keep the program going. the booster club learns about $1,500 a game, friday's afternoon again brought in far less money than usual police to not have leads or suspects. in california's three strikes law and the nation's harshest in dealing with repeat offenders voters could make changes in the
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law in november, nonviolent offenders london with the violent ones anne mackovic talks with those who want to change and those who want to keep as is. california's three strikes law 18 years old and the debate continues licenses for nonviolent crimes does nothing to improve public safety this is about the totality of criminal history he directs the project at stanford and rode proposition 36 which eliminates the life sentence for a third felony unless it is serious or violent and will allow some prisoners out. the lot is tailored to find the people who serve the most amount of time for the leased line and do not pose a threat to public safety there is not enough room for people center for nonviolent offenses under california law
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anything north of jaywalking can count as a felony there is no ambiguity that the third strike can be any felony mark klass is daughter was killed by a parole felon in 1993 and once three strikes to remain they've demonstrated they do not want to live within the law and live within the general population at some point they're going to commit that worst crime the drop in the crime rate since three strikes to the fact but it has dropped into town is that refuse to participate san francisco and los angeles you have pour it is a mature democracy and not one-size-fits- all is beautiful this is what the people want and the vast majority prosecutors to pour three strikes but leads to a different penalties proposition 36 makes things consistent anne mackovic cbs 5
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i came back from more everything prior to that have this war veteran used his uniform and combat as therapy and you can see the finished product. prime-time interviews for the candidates on 60 minutes both answer questions about their economic plans. from the cbs 5 weather center we'll see the 64 percent waxing moon, the first full week w[ male announcer ] jay likes it when his mobile phone helps him deposit his checks. jay also like it when mother nature helps him wash his car. mother nature's cool like that.
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visit makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank. the panda cub born last week at the smithsonian national zoo has died, zoo officials were alerted to the panda exhibit they heard the mother panda was growling in distress veterinarians say the cub was unresponsive to life-saving procedures the cubs mother is upset and zookeeper's keep an eye on her. she is resting and began to eat a little bet she's doing
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fine but will spend a lot of time our keepers and curators everybody watching her closely after an necropsy the preliminary cause of death expected tomorrow the cup appeared to be in good condition and no signs of trauma. the giant panda is an endangered species there are just under 2000 in existence. in campaign 2012 both president obama and mitt romney featured on 60 minutes. they're asked questions about issues ranging from the economy to foreign policy. dru levenson with more. on 60 minutes mitt romney laid out part of his economic plan to scott pelley u.s. c american people to hire u.s. president the want to hear specifics i can tell them i will not raise taxes on middle income
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folks i will not lower the taxes paid by high income individuals president obama criticized romney's plan ulysses have won no tax cuts for the wealthy and roll back regulations romney has called for the president to be aggressive concerning iran's nuclear threat i have executed my foreign policy and people largely agree with that president if mr. romney wants to start another war he should say so after a video service to about mitt romney's and he does not care about those who don't pay taxes he defended the comments i want to help one hundred percent of the american people both men described qualities of a leader a later has capacities and vision and seas were things are headed leadership is about setting a course and describing a vision
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for people americans have six weeks to decide which vision for the next four years. dru levenson cbs news presidential debates around the corner the first of october 3rd in denver vice-presidential candidates on october 11th to more presidential debates one in new york the last one toward the end of october in florida. military veterans come home from war often hard to leave the war behind, when that takes something from the war and great something new howard cbs 5 photojournalist introduces someone who goes from warrior to artist. i untrue cameron a veteran of the u.s. army i was a field artillery soldiered i was stationed in fort sill
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oklahoma, sent to the second wave of invasion in iraq i came back from war and nothing was relevant my whole world view and perspective fell out it was rebuilding. part of the rebuilding to take the uniform that personal memory and component and redefine it. some folks carry the intention of having it releasing or cathartic for some folks in has that capacity i struggle with how to give this fiber proper commemoration. a lot of the memories were difficult to verbalize, so great
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of art practice makes is specifically for me help to develop a language i can speak to military culture experience and wartime experience as well as experience with the people who share the sacrifice and connection. a lot of stories in the fibers. combat paper open to the public tuesday through saturday in san francisco at southern exposure you can corrector on military combat paper details at cbs s f dot com. roberta gonzales here what we can expect weather wise
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58 degrees at half moon bay, 93 in livermore, good evening, outside we have the moon, 64 percent waxing on its way to be a full moon saturday. from our cbs 5 studios looking towards oakland, santa rosa 50 degrees, 58 redwood city, areas of patchy fog developed tonight, tomorrow a stylus color day than today, and a big warmup on the extended forecast, the tail and trends across the bay area, the shield of clouds from the northern portion all the way through morgan hill making
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tracks through monterey bay, and then the deepening marine layer, morning commute we have the fog all the way to the eastern portion of the bay area towards concord and walnut creek, does not affect the south bay, anticipate delays at sfo, the ceiling drops to 600 ft.. for monday across the state upper 80's and low 90s typical this time of year, including modesto and manteca, a lake wind advisory in the upper sierra. tonight 40's and '50's feeling a touch of autumn. tomorrow's numbers '50s and '60s at the beaches, through south san francisco 78 san jose, we
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pushed to the east some of the warmer temperatures will be reported 87 degrees low 80's indonesia and martinez, 83 santa rosa, mid-60's in san francisco, similar conditions tuesday, slightly cooler wednesday, a warm up on thursday and friday, we slide into the first full weekend in autumn temperatures feel more like summer. when we have dry conditions fire danger is concerned. san francisco known as the city's leading the way in electric cars it showed off his love for plug in security
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the football story 49ers and raiders marty lurie joins us during is this giants team better than 2010 the pitching won a world series in 2010 let's see if they can do it again. he may get to the with the giants are playing,,,, at bank of america, we're continuing to lend and invest
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in the people, businesses, and organizations that call the bay area home. whether it's helping a nonprofit provide safe, affordable housing within the city, supporting an organization that's helping kids find jobs and stay in school, or financing the expansion of a local company that's creating healthier workplaces, what's important to the people of the bay area is important to us. and we're proud to work with all those
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if you're @ crissy field
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this morning may have sent electric cars proud owners got together to celebrate national plugged in day, owner say there are more benefits than just clean air, some many way to get people and and just about the car whether an attractive lease rate or carpool lane access for saving money or not shipping money overseas for oil 59 other cities join in on the celebration san francisco hosted one of the largest gatherings of electric cars. fond farewell for san >[ male announcer ] jay likes it when his mobile phone helps him deposit his checks. jay also like it when mother nature helps him wash his car. mother nature's cool like that. mobile check deposit. easier banking.
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makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank. a photo finish at the box office, police drama " end of watch " tied the number one spot with the house at the end of the street both broad and $13 million trouble with the curve was next and then finding nemo in 3 d and resident evil/retribution. san francisco comedy club its last laugh after 60 years in north beach the purple onion
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will close tomorrow night it ends of long history that includes legends like robin williams woody allen and phyllis diller, it plans to hold a common a marathon tomorrow night green day will play in san francisco after front man billy joe armstrong was into rehab. he had a meltdown at a las vegas concert. the grammy-winning band canceling promotional,,,,
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thousands filled the streets of san francisco's chinatown to mark the annual celebration of the autumn moon festival celebrated in asia for 1000 years the festival called the chinese thanksgiving a time to reflect on the summer harvest. that is it for eyewitness news at 11 dennis o'donnell and game day next. ,,,,

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